Mr. Moloney visits St. Mary’s

We are very glad to have Mr. Moloney back in Ireland, although he’s only here on a visit. He landed in Ireland on Friday.

Over in Australia it’s the middle of winter, so I’d say he’s glad to be here where the sun is shining. In his school over in Australia, St. Patrick’s, the children are getting ready for their winter holidays. Imagine having Christmas in the middle of summer!

First, we showed him around to the junior classes. All the teachers were very pleased to see him but, of course, the junior infants didn’t know who he was. Also while we were there, the 1st classes all sang their song for their graduation (Lipstick).

We stopped by at the museum. Mr. Moloney thought it was fabulous. He was very impressed by our new library and the dungeon too.

We also visited Mr. Higgin’s class. Mr. Moloney laughed when one of the boys showed him the pictures of his pigs (White Pudding and Black Pudding were their names).

Then, we went upstairs to see the senior classes. They had lots of questions to ask him and the 6th class told him about how they’re preparing for graduation, from primary school.

On Friday we had an assembly for Mr. Moloney. The band had a recital and the choir sang an Australian song. Mr Moloney donated some books to our school library. Some of the books were The Magpie’s Gift, Dusty the Sheepdog, W is for Wombat and Who Sunk The Boat?

We were all very glad to see him and when he goes back to Australia We Will Miss Him

By Caroline Dowling &                                                                               Pictures by Aoife McDonnell


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