Science Week: Room 13 is taken over by Len the robot!

As part of Science Week, Maia’s dad brought in Len the robot to visit us.  He is absolutely amazing! We would ALL love one! He was talking to Kyle, waving to the class and following Klaudia’s apple around the classroom.  He then did a funny dance for us before saying goodbye.  Have a look at the videos and pictures and see what you think!

We learned loads about robots and we learned that Maia’s dad brings the robot to football tournaments! Every year there is a competition where the robots play football against each other.  Last year the Irish team got into the semi-finals, but unfortunately they lost their last game.

We had great fun today.  Huge thanks to Maia’s Dad John and to Len the robot….  One thing we forgot to ask Maia’s Dad was… Len able to do the Gangnam Style dance?????

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