Batteries galore!

A serious amount of batteries was collected and recycled as part of the Go Recycle and Win! competition organised by ERP (European Recycling Platform) Ireland.  There was great excitement as the various classes competed to reach the highest number. In the end it was a tight competiton with three classes at the top of the leaderboard. The overall winner, with a total of in excess of 4,000 batteries, was Ms Dully’s 3rd class, Room 26. These girls will be travelling to the Solstice Theatre in Navan to meet a very special jolly old man in a red suit on December 13th. Well done all!

The school may go on to win a regional prize as our our overall school contribution was in excess of 16,000 batteries which was a huge achievement! Frank and Gerry, our caretakers, counted each and every one of these batteries and we would like to thank them for their help.


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