Rocket man Paul visits Room 10 and Room 13

Darragh’s dad Paul, the “Rocket man” visited rooms 10 and 13 today to explain all about rockets.  He works in a factory that makes parts for rockets that are then blasted into space by the European Space Agency.  He showed us all some fantastic pictures and he had a model of a rocket too.  It was amazing.  He told us a story of one rocket that crashed in the Amazon jungle.  The broken up parts were returned to the factory in Dublin and when they opened up the box to take out the pieces, a big tarantula jumped out at them!

He then left us some pictures of rockets to colour.  We sang some of our Solar System song for him.  We found a new way of learning the names of the planets – My (Mercury) Vicious (Venus) Earthworm  (Earth) Might (Mars) Just (Jupiter) Swallow (Saturn) Us (Uranus) Now (Neptune)!   Can you think of any other funny sayings to help remember all those names?

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