Catholic Schools’ Week

Yesterday the 4th and 5th Classes held an assembly in our school hall.  Some parents and classes from 2nd Class upwards attended this.  The theme of the assembly was ‘Catholic Schools’ in a Community of Faith: Sharing the Good News’.   The assembly started with a reading and then Mr Ó Coigligh lit a candle.  Six girls were asked to offer up six symbols.  These were a Bible (representing a community of faith who listens to the Word of God), the Candle (representing keeping the light of faith burning), a set of Rosary Beads (representing praying together), a Trócaire Box (representing how our school gives to others), and Alive-O book (representing how God wants us to live our life)  and Bread and Grapes (representing the Body and Blood of Christ).   After this prayers were said and a song was sung to finish off the assembly.

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