Intercultural Week in Room 14

We have been learning all week about different countries . First Martyna’s mum came to visit on Monday. She showed us how to felt soaps . We all made one and they are all different. She is from Lithuania. Simona also brought in some Lithuanian treats – they were like crisps and they were garlic – flavoured. Yum !!

Then Sofija’s mum taught us all about Russia – we saw some beautiful photographs of Moscow , the Northern lights and lots of pictures of the snow in Russia …. they have much more snow there than we have. In Russia you can find tigers living in the wild ! We all got a lolly in the shape of a rooster . Yum again !!

Eva’s mum grew up in Malaysia – that is in Asia. She showed us some fantastic photos on her ipad. They never have snow there and Joanne said she misses the weather and the food most of all! We saw her write in Chinese on the whiteboard – the writing looks like pictures. She brought in some pantan cake which is made from pantan leaves – yum yum yum!!!

It is so interesting to learn about different cultures – some things are the same and some things are very different. But one thing is the same everywhere – we all love sweet food !!


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