Grandparents’ Day – First Class

Mrs Flattery came to visit all the First Class children for Grandparents’ Day.  She told us all about growing up in Longwood.  She lived in a house that had a thatched roof.  She had no electricity.  Most of the time she walked to school, but sometimes her Dad brought her to school on the horse and trap!  Sometimes they picked up other children along the way.  We wonder if they had ROWs in school – Ride on Wednesdays????  🙂

Mrs Flattery brought us in some old photos to look at, a huge big dish and “paddles” for the butter churning, some old candle holders and an oil lamp, and some old irons.  She explained how her family would have used all these things in times past.

Finally she brought in some turf to show us.  When she was going to school, all the children would have to bring in one piece of turf every day to keep the classroom warm!   We are so glad that we have radiators in our school to keep us warm during the cold winter.

We really enjoyed listening to Mrs Flattery’s stories and looking at all the lovely old things she brought in.

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