Clowns for Haiti pencil case appeal

We are taking part in the Clowns for Haiti pencil case appeal this month in St Mary’s school. The Clowns for Haiti charity aims to support school children in Haiti following the earthquake that struck in 2010. Out of the 4,000 schools in Haiti, 3,640 were destroyed.

The Clowns for Haiti visited our school before Halloween and asked for our help. They want us to fill a pencil case each for the boys and girls in Haiti. All of the pencil cases will be flown over to Haiti and delivered to the children by the clowns.

The pencil cases were distributed this week and the children in St Mary’s are busy filling the pencil cases with pencils, crayons, treats, hairbands, small toys etc! Imagine how excited the Haitian children will be when they receive your gift!

We will take a picture of all the pencil cases when they are all returned to school.

Let’s all be part of this simple act of charity! Watch this space….

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