‘Arctic Animals’ – Some Top Class Projects from Room 17!

The children in Room 17 have been learning about Arctic animals. They have also been doing plenty of research. Have a look at their fantastic projects! Well done to each and every one of the pupils!

To begin, we have a Google Slides presentation by Tia Jones…..just click on the link below to find out all she has discovered (the picture underneath is a flavour of what she has been working on)! Brilliant job Tia!


The Arctic Fox




The next project belongs to Lily Ann. She has found out lots of interesting facts about penguins and has included some great pictures too! Fantastic work Lily Ann!

The third project belongs to Kate Gibney! She also chose to learn about penguins and has shared many interesting facts with us. Isn’t her project so bright and cheerful – a great choice of colours! Superb display Kate!

Last, but by no means least, we have Ciara Keegan’s wonderful project on ‘The Walrus’. Did you know that the walrus can live for up to 40 years?! What great photos you have for us Ciara! Very, very impressive!

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