Archaeologists at Work!

On the 9th October 2014, 5th classes from room 26 and room 27 went to the Black Friary archaeology site in Trim. Before we left, two archaeologists from the site, Lisanne and Steve, came to the school and taught us some things about the monastery that used to be there hundreds of years ago. It was really interesting and we learned a lot. We then walked down the town to the Black Friary site, where archaeologists have been digging for the last four years during the summertime. They have found 93 skeletons and the remainders of many buildings, including an old church. Kayla even found an animal bone when we were there. They are hoping to one day build a playground and a park on the site when they are finished their excavation, but this could be many years from now.

By Ellie and Shona, Room 26


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