Summer is almost here!

June has been a very busy month. We did some bird watching and we learned a lot about birds and their nests.

This month, we also had a FRIENDS for Life party. First, we went for a walk by the castle, and then we came back to the school and watched a movie and we ate green food. It was a green-themed party because as part of the FRIENDS programme, we learned about changing negative (red) thoughts to positive (green) thoughts.

We loved making ‘lava lamps’ in science. First, we put oil in a water bottle and then filled the rest of the bottle with water. We added some food colouring and then put in a vitamin C tablet to make lots of bubbles.

Some of us were also very busy this month preparing for the musical, Follow the Yellow Brick Road, and it was brilliant!

Last week was Be Active Week in our school. It was so much fun! We did circuits, golf, boxing, skipping, a whole-school dance and then on the last day, the whole school went on a big walk.

We have had a great year in 5th Class and we are really excited for the summer holidays!

By Eimear Daly (Room 26)


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