St Mary’s Book Club

The Book Club is open to students from 4th, 5th and 6th Classes. We meet with Ms Coakley every Monday at lunchtime in the library to discuss the book that we are reading. We borrow a set of class novels from Navan library and we have eight weeks to read the book. At the moment, we are reading ‘Spilled Water’ by Sally Grindley. It is a very good book.

As we are coming to the end of each book, Ms Coakley gives us a sheet of paper with four different book choices with the blurb from each book. We number our book preferences from 1-4. We give 1 to our favourite book and 4 to our least favourite.

It is great to get the chance to share our opinions, our likes and our dislikes about each book with our classmates and friends. We all really enjoy the Book Club.

Méabh (Rang a sé)

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