What a busy month!

5th class have just completed a very busy month back at school! This month we have created power point presentation on our favourite breed of dog. The girls have worked really hard to create an individual power point and a little of each of their personalities can be seen in the lovely work created.

To embrace the children’s individuality, each of the girls in room 27 created a papier mache image of themselves. This was very messy, very time consuming but, lots of fun! The girls are really proud of their creations, images to follow soon…….

The girls have also been working hard on their projects on the city of Pompeii. This week the girls have begun to present the projects in class! Very impressive work has been presented so far!

Rounders practice has begun for the senior classes, both during and after school. The standard of play has been very high so far and I am looking forward to competitions later in the year!

To conclude the month the 5th class children had a trip to the playground. The children were full of energy and laughter on the way to the playground, but not so much so on the way back! The girls had an excellent afternoon and were thrilled to have had a short visit to the playground.

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