Rounders League 2016

Congratulations to everyone who recently took part in the St Mary’s Senior Rounders League. It was our first internal Rounders competition and four teams of twelve were selected, one from each of the 5th and 6th Classes. The teams were given names – Funky Monkeys (Room 26), Bull Dogs (Room 27), Wild Cats (Room 30) and Jelly Belly Spuds (Room 31). All the preliminary games were tense and exciting. The final was a dog-cat battle between Bull Dogs (Room 27) and Wild Cats (Room 30). Mr O Coigligh was the referee and his detailed knowledge of the rules ensured that controversial moments were kept to a minimum. It proved to be a tense and close encounter. Wild Cats were eventually crowned the winners and Bull Dogs were very gracious in defeat. Medals and Certificates were distributed to the competition participants. Our first school league was an enjoyable experience and to be fair everyone was a winner!

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