Active School Flag Visit by Ger McDonnell

Ger McDonnell, a representative of the national Active School Initiative, paid a visit to St Mary’s today to find out what the school has been doing to promote and encourage greater physical activity in our school community.

A Junior Active Assembly, led by Mr O’Mahony’s First Class pupils, was held in the hall. The assembly itself was buzzing with a get-up-and-go attitude. Upstairs, the two 6th Classes performed some energetic dance moves for Ger, with the help of Go Noodle and Just Dance. Ms Murray’s Fifth Class demonstrated their fitness levels by doing the back-breaking Plank Challenge. Back in the PE Hall, Ms Coakley’s 5th Class displayed their flexibility in a variety of gymnastic movements. Ms Carr’s Senior Infants headed outside into the May sunshine for some Outdoor and Adventure Activities. The Junior Infant pupils, Ms McKenna’s Senior Infant Class, as well as some boys and girls from the Mixed and Language Classes made use of the good weather by taking to the yard. The Junior Infants, led by 6th Class, walked and jogged around Slí na Sláinte (our Walking Track), while the Senior Infant pupils enjoyed playing some yard games with 6th Class girls.

During Big Lunch, Ger spent time speaking with the enthusiastic pupils on the Be Active Committee along with a group of parents representing the school’s Parent Focus Group. Afterwards, she was taken to view our numerous “active” displays, our vast array of PE equipment and other resource material. Finally, the folder laden down with our surveys, interviews, action plan, initiatives and evidence of improvement was carefully examined. We will find out in due course if Ger was suitably impressed! Fingers crossed!

D. Galligan (on behalf of St Mary’s Be Active Committee)

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