Spelling Bee Final at St Mary’s

Congratulations to the twenty-four pupils from 5th and 6th Classes who took part in the final of this year’s Spelling Bee! Over 200 pupils from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Classes cheered on the girls and waved home-made banners. The competition began with some warm-up words to ease the nerves. By the end of the ninth round, the atmosphere in the PE Hall was a mixture of excitement and tension. Two girls, one from Room 30 and the other from Room 26, entered the final battle and what a battle it proved to be! The girls played ping-pong with the letters for quite some time until the champion speller for 2017 was crowned. The champion received a Spelling Bee Dictionary, a voucher for Antonia’s Bookstore and her name will forever be etched on our Spelling Bee wall-plaque. She will represent us at the Meath Spelling Bee in Ratoath on March 30th! Well done to our champion and to all the other participants! You’re all winners!



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