FRIENDS for Life

In November 2016, we started the FRIENDS for Life programme with Ms Coakley. There are seven main points in FRIENDS for Life that we worked on:


Remember to relax

I can do it! I can try!

Explore solutions – use your Coping Step Plan

Now reward yourself

Do it everyday

Smile, stay calm and remember to talk to your Support Team!

We learned about lots of things, such as how to cope in difficult situations, how to be a good friend, how to take care of yourself and so much more! We had such a great experience. We will continue to do everything we have learned throughout our lives. We want to thank Ms Coakley for all the time she put in and for helping us.

On Thursday 9th March, we had our FRIENDS for Life party. We got to wear our pyjamas, put on a talent show, do some meditation and yoga, get our hair and nails done and we had so much fun. We brought in green sweets and treats to remind us of green, positive thoughts. We all really enjoyed it and we hope that next year’s 5th Class enjoys the programme as much as we did!

5th Class – Room 26

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