Europe Day – May 9th






Europe is a continent full of exciting places, people and cultures. That was one of the messages we learned during today’s visit to the EU Food and Veterinary Office at Grange, Kiltale. These offices are open fifteen years and to mark the occasions the staff decided to open its doors to primary school children in the locality. We were welcomed by friendly staff from different countries across the EU. They gave each of us a bag full of supplies including maps, booklets and information sheets. We had a “question and answer” session in the main conference room where the European Commission’s agricultural representatives from all across the EU meet to debate important issues from time to time. The perimeter of the room had about eight translation booths including French, German, Italian and Spanish. In another part of the building, we were divided into groups. We took part in activities identifying the benefits of the EU and how the EU ensures its citizens have access to food produced to the highest safety standards. We spent two hours at the offices and we enjoyed our time there.

By 6th Class pupils


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