First Class

Work from home grid 1st class week 6 
Good morning everyone,  Well done to everyone on all their hard work last week. The children did lots of great activities with money and our story of the week. The children were doing some brilliant baking and we were delighted to see the fun they were having at home and all the learning that is taking place in your home. Below is the scheme of work for this week, we have attached a new spelling list, continue to learn your tables and mental maths daily (ie One spelling list and one tables list per week -9) Our topics this week are going to be Time and our story of the week  “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds and all of our activities will be based on these two topics.  All of this work is only a suggestion and is entirely optional but we would encourage you to choose at least one piece of work to return each week via email or Class Dojo if at all possible. Please do not feel you have to print off all the worksheets that we attach. You can write the answers onto a page or into your copy. We would recommend that everyone continues to read lots over the closure! (recipes, books, magazines, online books etc)The grid and topic work below is not mandatory but it might be helpful in keeping your child engaged while they are off, if you wish! Ms Debby will be doing a Scratch lesson every Monday at 11am. Keep an eye out on your email for the link to the lesson.In order to give you a bit of variety at home I am going to give you links to free online 1st class books. This week you can look at English for example and next week we will look at another subject. Once the online book opens the children can complete the activity on a blank page or in a copy book. To access click on Select Primary, 1st Class, English, Away with words and then click on the eye symbol under actions to open the book. The children can complete any activity they wish or click onto page 63 Lambs for example and complete the pages in that section- reading comprehension, magic e work, writing activity etc pgs 63-67 and there is a nice writing activity on page 74. If you have other children in other class levels you could use it for them too. Here are some useful websites that you may find useful and they are all free. (stories for all ages) (numeracy and cross curricular) (active learning and wellbeing)www.rtejr.rte/10at10/ (10 minute daily exercise) (you will have to sign up and use this code for free access IRLTWINKLHELPS – educational resources) (Daily PE at 9 am with Joe Wicks) have opened up online 1month free trial do every day:Spelling lists- write spellings 3 times and put into sentencesMagic e with u spellings. Remember magic e plays a game it makes the vowel say its name.              cube             rude             mule             huge             cute             flute             tube             June             volume             o’clock

Read every day to improve reading fluency- reading books, recipes, magazines etcContinue with next set of tables Mental maths- complete one day at a time 

Continue to keep a diary of what you are doing on your days off and write it into your homework diary or start a little scrap book about your time off. We can print some pictures of things you did when we get back to school to add into it if you leave spaces. You will look back on this diary in years to come.Children can upload photos of their work or a typed version of their work at any time during the week on their Class Dojo account if they wish eg news/diary entry/sentences/handwriting/free writing/photos/drawings etc. I will post different activities on Class Dojo during the week for children/parents who would like extra activities. I do not want to overload you with work but I can send some if you wish! AND (if you wish) You can choose one activity from Active Grid to complete daily.
Active GridLearning a dance routine!
PE with Joe Wicks Daily PE at 9 am with Joe Wicks- fun for all the family10 at 10 as Gaeilge Create an animal run in the house. Lay out all your teddies so that they make a road down your hall or in the garden and run through the road.3 minute challenge!!
You have 3 minutes – how many times can you finish the circuit:10 star jumps10 squats10 lunges 5 press upsPractice skipping. How long can you skip for? Beat your own score challenge. Challenge someone in your house to a skipping challenge.Try some Cosmic Yogawww.cosmickids.comTime yourself completing this activity: 
15 lunges
Hop on 1 foot 10 times
20 arm circles  Set up an obstacle course in your garden. Using chairs,balls, skipping ropes or anything you can find around your house. 
Time yourself and see if you can beat your time!!
Challenge your family.Bottle skittles: use empty plastic bottle and set them up around 5m away. 
Roll the ball to try hit as many skittles as possible.
To play against someone else see how many turns it takes to knock all the bottles over.
Topic/Cross curricular GridWe have divided the topics and activities up into daily activities to make it easier to follow but you can pick and choose the topics as you please. This is only a suggestion. This weeks topics are time and story of the week The Dot.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3Day 4Day 5Learn o’clock (PowerPoint attached)  
Worksheet Day 1
Fill out your Daily Log(Sample on Class Dojo)
Learn half past (PowerPoint attached)
Record what you are doing at various times of the day. 
For example: 
8 o’clock – I woke up 9 o’clock-  breakfast,4 o’clock – I exercised 5 o’clock – dinner etc.
Revise half past. Worksheet Day 3

Find a calendar at home (or use phone) see how many days are in each month in 2020. 
Worksheet Day 4
Draw 6 clocks showing times you have learned this week.
Time hunt
Look around your house. Find as many places as you can that display a time. (eg. clock, watch, TV, radio, microwave etc.) Write down everywhere you find a time displayed and see how many you can get. Good luck!!
Watch the storyThe Dot by Peter H. Reynolds
See story on Class Dojo

In your copy or on a piece of paper. Write about your favourite part of the story. 
Draw it too.Pretend you are friends with one of the characters from the book “The Dot”. Write & draw a list of the things you would do together. Comprehension on The Dot
See attached day 4 – children can write answers on a page On a piece of paper draw a dot on the middle of the page and have a go at creating your own masterpiece.See video on class DojoMo MhadraSin é mo mhadraIna shuí ar an stól. Bíonn sé ag Ithe. Bíonn sé ag ól. 
Ólann sé bainne. Itheann sé cnámh. Bíonn sé ag tafann Nuair a bhíonn sé lán. 

My Dog
This is my dog,Sitting on a stool,He eats, He drinks. 
He drinks milk, He eats bones, He barks when he is full.
Make your own clock
Cén t-am é a mhactire? (What time is it Mr. Wolf?)
Tá sé a haon a chlog (It is one o’clock)
Tá sé a dó a chlog (It is two o’clock)
Tá sé a…
trí a chlog (3 o’clock)ceathair a chlog (4 o’clock)cúig a chlog (5 o’clock)sé a chlog (6 o’clock) seacht a chlog (7 o’clock)h-ocht a chlog (8 o’clock)naoi a chlog (9 o’clock)deich a chlog (10 o’clock)h-oan déag a chlog (11 o’clock)dó dheag a chlog (12 o’clock)
Problem Solving 
Solving for Elapsed Time
May is the Month of Mary 
Create a small space in your home to make an altar. Collect some flowers, place a candle/rosary beads or draw some nice flowers. 

We hope that you and your families are all safe and healthy during the school closure. Please continue to remind your children to keep washing their hands and follow the HSE guidelines around the COVID-19. The more we follow the guidelines on social distancing and staying at home the sooner this will be over. Stay at home and stay safe! Many thanks, E.Maguire, S. Savage, C. Dalton, and C. Madden.