Green News

Green News

Spring is struggling to make an appearance and there are definitely signs popping up around us. Some classes have visited the Convent grounds and have seen the beautiful snowdrops which are making quite a statement in the most delicate of ways!

Last week we had a visit from our environmental officer, Peter Brady who applauded our work on Biodiversity. He met with our Green Committee and had a good discussion with the pupils about the merits of and threats to Biodiversity. The Senior Green delegates brought him on a tour of the school and Ms Thomas introduced him to our Green Blog


If anyone has anything to add to our biodiversity blog this week please remember to send it in to

Gardeners Wanted! We are still looking for gardeners to help set up our school garden. If anyone is interested and has some spare time, please call Helen at 046 9431919.

WOW (Walking on Wednesdays) continues every week starting up at Mornington House. Remember this week is Safety week. We always encourage any walkers to wear their hi-viz vest in order to be seen. Every pupil should have received on by now.

COW (Cycling on Wednesdays) will resume after Easter. We look forward to a few new cyclists. Pupils from 4th class up are invited to join the COW gang. Anyone younger must be accompanied an adult

Recycling continues at St Mary’s. We recycle batteries, footwear, drink cans, spectacles, cardboard, small drink bottles, mobile phones, postage stamps and ink cartridges. The Youth Club in Trim has asked us to collect the rings at the top of drink cans. Thank you for the great response so far.

Green Home Pledge: The Pledge that we will be concentrating on this month is our Green Homes pledge.

Anna and Lucy read out their Biodiversity pledges for Mr Brady and he was very impressed. We will attach them below.

Biodiversity pledge

The earth is unique-we only have one,
The insects, animals, plants, people- we all need the sun.
Variety within the living world is the key to life.
At St. Marys school we’ll do it right!

By Lucy Clavin Room 16

Remember Green is cool at home and at school


Biodiversity is the best,
Better than all the rest.
Animals need us to survive,
We need them to keep us alive.
Flowers, trees and birds give us pleasure,
So much it’s hard to measure.
Water gives us lots of power
And can turn a seed into a little flower.

By Anna O’Hare


Green News 23rd September 2013

Welcome back to what we hope will be another great year of green accomplishments! What a busy and rewarding year we had last year culminating in our fifth green flag and in our being crowned greenest school in Ireland! This year, the green theme is Biodiversity. This refers to the huge variety and variation of life that surrounds us. Biodiversity is essential in keeping the environment healthy and fit for human life. We will be revisiting all our green pledges (waste management, energy, water and transport). We will see that Biodiversity cross-cuts and integrates with the rest of the themes in many ways. An Taisce will be working closely with us again and giving us great ideas to work on.

WOW (Walking on Wednesday) has started and COW (Cycling) will get going this Wednesday, September 25th.

We will continue to recycle paper, plastic, batteries, mobile phones, footwear and ink cartridges at school.

Sr Claudia and Valerie made a very rewarding trip to Zambia to help screen children’s eye sight. They brought all our recycled spectacles with them. They have asked me to thank you all sincerely for your help with the project. They will speak to the children here at an assembly and will let us know if we need to continue collecting children’s spectacles.

Sin a bhfuil! We look forward to a great year of green endeavours. The green pledges are in the Homework Journal. You might like to read over them with your children.

Here are a few of the children playing the Tin Whistles we sent over to Zambia. Among many tunes the children played the Zambian National Anthem on the tin whistles donated from St Mary’s






GREEN NEWS  09/01/2013

Fáilte ar ais roimh chách! We have a very important Green year ahead. It is the second year of the Green Homes Programme and very soon we will be applying for our fifth Green Flag.
Everyone has really being trying to be very green over the two years and our most recent Water Wise challenge was very successful. The final theme of the programme is Transport.  Dr Dorothy Stewart from An Taisce will be visiting our school again soon to advise us on ways to address this theme from a Green Home perspective. Remember to visit the for good green money-saving tips!
At St Mary’s we continue to recycle batteries, mobile phones, spectacles, footwear, plastic bottle tops, postage stamps and ink cartridges. Many thanks to all who participated in the Clothing recycling drive prior to Christmas. Looking forward to another productive Green year.
Remember Green is cool at home and at school!

Green News 17/12/12

The final week of school of the current year has arrived. It has been a very successful year in our Green department. Last Friday we celebrated the huge achievement in becoming the best school of 2012 for the collection of used batteries. ERP (European Recycling Platform) rewarded St Mary’s with an amazing party for all the children. Santa even took time out of his busy schedule to pop in and congratulate everyone. It was a very happy occasion and everyone went home with a smile!
Tomorrow is our Lenarac Clothing Drive collection day. Please send in your unwanted clothes in the morning. This company will also accept old mobile phones. They will donate 6 euro per 10kg bag of clothes and all that money will go to the school in Rwanda to fund their next solar panel. Our recycling campaigns have really made a difference to this school in the past.
Our Green fundraising has also been used to help a very sick boy in Zambia. He too, needed a solar panel towards which St Mary’s have contributed. Sr Claudia is in contact with him and we will hear more about his progress soon.
We will continue our recycling programme in the New Year. Remember that at St Mary’s we recycle batteries, bottle tops, mobile phones, footwear, children’s spectacles ink cartridges and stamps. We would encourage everyone to recycle all that Christmas wrapping paper and to use your beautiful Christmas cards as gift tags for next year.
We, the Green Committee, would like to wish you all a very peaceful Christmas and a happy and GREEN New Year!

Green News 10/12/12

‘Tis the season to be jolly!’ St Mary’s was the overall winner of the ERP (European Recycling Programme) Go Recycle and Win/Used Battery Competition. This Friday, December 14th, the entire school will be treated to a party in our state of the art Dr O’Reilly Hall.
St Mary’s managed to collect over 21 large crates of recycled batteries which amounted to over half a ton in weight! Well done again to all!Recycling continues at school. Please continue sending in used ink-cartridges, batteries, stamps, children’s spectacles, mobile phones and bottle tops. Apart from being ‘Green’ by doing this, much of what we recycle is used for charity, so we are being ‘kind to the planet and kind to others too’.
Our Recycled clothing drive in aid of the school in Rwanda was scheduled for this week also. We would like to extend that date to Tuesday, December 18th as there will be people from the media and visitors from ERP in the school for the Battery Party, and if the response is anything like the used batteries, there won’t be room in the front lobby! Thank you for your co-operation!
We trust the Water Wise challenge has helped point out the amount of water we use in our homes every day and we hope you found good money-saving and energy-saving tips on the website
Remember to use recycled costumes and creative homemade crowns and wings for the Christmas plays. It’s amazing how inventive and creative we can be when we try!
Remember Green is cool at home and at school!

Green News 03/12/12

We have great news to report regarding our Battery Recycling campaign. Our final total for the school was 16,476! The top three collectors were Room 26 with a total of 4,088, Room 9 who collected 2,431 and Room 18 not far behind on 2,357. The ERP Company and Meath County Council were overwhelmed by our efforts. The girls from Room 26 will now go to Navan on December 13th to meet Santa. A huge heartfelt ‘thank you’ goes to Frank and Gerry who painstakingly counted all 16,476 batteries! The senior girls in Room 33 must also be given a special mention. Although they weren’t eligible for the prize, they went ahead and collected 930 batteries anyway. For their efforts, Peter Brady of Meath County Council has sponsored pizza for the whole class!
Last week we had a meeting with Valerie, our local optician who has been behind the collection of recycled children’s spectacles. She, Sr Claudia and Helen Curran (one of our past pupils) are planning a trip to Zambia next June and will conduct vision screening on children out there. There are about 350,000 people who have never had an eye-exam in the area they are going to. They will bring the spectacles we have been collecting and try to match them as closely as possible to the children’s prescriptions out there. We ask you to keep sending in used children’s spectacles. The boxes are not necessary. Thank you for those sent in to date.
We have decided to further help Ms Dully’s contact in the school in Rwanda by bringing in old clothes. The solar panel we helped fund in the past has opened up so many opportunities for the students there. They are so happy to be able to study into the night, now that they have light! The collection date for these clothes will be Thursday, December 13th. Please do not deliver any clothes before this date as there is no room here to store them. Thanks for your cooperation with this.The plastic bottle top campaign is the next project we are concentrating on. We are hoping to assist a charity in collecting bottle tops in order to provide a wheelchair for someone. St Mary’s has a great reputation when it comes to recycling. Remember we are still accepting used ink-cartridges, mobile phones, footwear and stamps.
As well as recycling, our school has a great name when it comes to conservation. Now that we have completed our four week Water Wise Challenge including our virtual water audit, we are all hopefully more aware of the huge part water plays in our lives and the amount we use each day. By taking simple steps to reduce wastage of water, we will be ready for the dreaded water charges when they come in. It’ll be good for you and good for the planet! For lots of helpful tips on becoming more green at home, check out the website Finally, now that our Christmas Pageant and Plays are in full swing, we encourage the teachers, parents and children to swop, reuse and recycle old items of clothing, crowns and wings for their costumes. It’s amazing what can be created from bits and pieces. Good luck!
Remember Green is cool at home and at school!

Green News 2011/2012

Firstly huge congratulations to Brian Heffernan and his team of volunteers who tirelessly clean our town and environs.  Trim is now the cleanest town in Ireland and we are all so proud.  Brian has been very generous with his time and expertise in helping us in the school as a member of our Green Schools Committee.
What can I say but am amazed how all of you respond in such a positive way to all our green endeavours.  Who would believe that we collected 102 Kg’s of used batteries for recycling.  The Management Co just couldn’t believe it yesterday when they came to collect them.  Please keep up the great work.  It’s brilliant to see the little ones recycling stamps, old phones, ink cartridges, batteries and Christmas Cards which are the popular items at the moment.
The cycle shelter installation company have been in touch and a state of the art 20 cycle shelter was installed on Wednesday.
Plans are underway for a Green Day Friday 27th January.  We will be collecting old textiles and old books in an effort to fund solar panelling for a Primary School in Rwanda. These solar panels will provide electricity for the school. All the money coming from our used and discarded items will be donated to this cause.   Thanks to green tree recycling Co. Monaghan who are so anxious to come on board to help us.
Do hope you all received your green calendar courtesy of Meath Co. Council – Peter Brady environmental officer who wished to acknowledge our schools success in matters green.

Elizabeth Murray, Green Schools Co-ordinator.

Green is cool …

… at St Mary’s School

We are celebrating our awarding recently of our Fourth Green Flag for Transport.  This year past has been very busy but very rewarding.
Every Wednesday we had our W.O.W. and C.O.W. days i.e. Walking and Cycling on Wednesdays.  A big thank you to our Parent representative Eileen Nugent who organised the cycling.
In November Minister Dempsey launched his safety initiative whereby every Junior Infant was given a high-visibility vest.  The Minister chose his own local school to launch this programme nationwide.
Over the Winter and Spring our fifth and sixth classes received cycle safety training kindly sponsored by Meath County Council and An Taisce.
The Junior Green Committee organised the Siopa Glas whereby the children brough and bought recycled items.  Much needed funds were received.
Thanks to the National Roads Safety Authority we received a high-visibility jacket for every pupil and every staff member in the school – safety to and from school is always our main concern.
Mile Buíochas to Susan Dorley our transport officer from An Taisce who guided and steered us successfully through the two year programme.
Easter time saw the building and making of our outdoor classroom.  It is still in its infancy but we will continue to add educational equipment to make the experience even more worthwhile.
Several children took part in our schools float in St. Patrick’s Day Parade and we were lucky enough to win the Environment Award.
Lastly thanks to you the parents/guardians who continually support the Green Commitee in all our endeavours.  Your encouragement helps in a large way to keep us on our toes to tackle Green issues.
Ní neart go cur le chéile.
Elizabeth Murray
Green Flag Co-ordinator
Cycle on Wednesdays