Choir and Band

In March 2013, Ms McKenna and Ms O’Connor established St Mary’s School Choir after discovering keen interests and talents in the senior end of the school. Since then an incredible amount has been achieved – a sell out musical, Christmas Concerts, Choral Festivals, First Holy Communions, Open Days, school assemblies, visits to nursing homes, shows and many other events. 

Rehearsals usually take place every Friday from 3pm until 4pm and we use that hour to expose the girls to as much music and harmonies as possible. We try to incorporate different genres of music to give the girls an appreciation and understanding for music of the past. We also try to keep things modern and fun by belting out some chart toppers, in perfect harmony of course! 

Mrs McGale and Mrs Nally established St Mary’s School Band in 2009. They have gone from strength to strength since then and performed at many important functions including First Holy Communions, parish Masses, parish services, open days, school assemblies, flag raising ceremonies, the official opening of new school extensions, graduations, at a concert with John Spillane and alongside the Dublin Youth Orchestra during their visit to our school in 2018.

All musicians are welcome. Rehearsals are held on a Tuesday from 3:00pm -4:00pm

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