Clowns for Haiti pencil case appeal

We are taking part in the Clowns for Haiti pencil case appeal this month in St Mary’s school. The Clowns for Haiti charity aims to support school children in Haiti following the earthquake that struck in 2010. Out of the 4,000 schools in Haiti, 3,640 were destroyed.

The Clowns for Haiti visited our school before Halloween and asked for our help. They want us to fill a pencil case each for the boys and girls in Haiti. All of the pencil cases will be flown over to Haiti and delivered to the children by the clowns.

The pencil cases were distributed this week and the children in St Mary’s are busy filling the pencil cases with pencils, crayons, treats, hairbands, small toys etc! Imagine how excited the Haitian children will be when they receive your gift!

We will take a picture of all the pencil cases when they are all returned to school.

Let’s all be part of this simple act of charity! Watch this space….

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Room 14′s frighteningly fabulous costumes

Look at the fabulous girls from room 14!  They all dressed up in gorgeous Halloween costumes and here they can be seen playing board games…..


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Scary stuff in Room 9

Happy Halloween everyone! We all dressed up for school today-
even our teacher!!! She was a zombie. There were 10 witches, 2 skeletons, 2 mummies, werewolves, 3 zombies, vampires, a cat, the grim reaper, Elsa from Frozen and captain America! Teacher does not know who anyone is! :)
By Ciara(7), Keelan(6) and Daniel(7)

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Trip to the library

We went for a walk to the library with Room 12. There was a storyteller. He was very funny. His name was Pat Ryan.  He told a story about a princess and a big party that went on for 3 days. We loved it.

by Daniel age 7 and Jesse age 6 in Room 9


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Vincent Van Gogh

The students in Room 31 recently explored the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh.  Inspired by two of his pieces – ‘Starry Night’ and a self – portrait they decided to re – create them as a whole class piece! It was challenging work but the girls worked very well together and produced a fantastic tribute to Vincent Van Gogh!

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Archaeologists at Work!

On the 9th October 2014, 5th classes from room 26 and room 27 went to the Black Friary archaeology site in Trim. Before we left, two archaeologists from the site, Lisanne and Steve, came to the school and taught us some things about the monastery that used to be there hundreds of years ago. It was really interesting and we learned a lot. We then walked down the town to the Black Friary site, where archaeologists have been digging for the last four years during the summertime. They have found 93 skeletons and the remainders of many buildings, including an old church. Kayla even found an animal bone when we were there. They are hoping to one day build a playground and a park on the site when they are finished their excavation, but this could be many years from now.

By Ellie and Shona, Room 26

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Meet the Author

On Wednesday 1st October, 5th Class went to Trim Library to meet Irish author, Nicola Pierce as part of the Children’s Book Festival. Nicola has written two children’s books – The Spirit of the Titanic and City of Fate. Nicola’s third children’s book, Behind the Walls, is due to be released in March 2015. Nicola talked to us about City of Fate. She showed us lots of pictures associated with the story. City of Fate is about the German invasion of Stalingrad one Sunday afternoon in 1942. We learned a lot from what Nicola told us. It was great fun and we really enjoyed it.

By Niamh and Méabh, Room 26

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We have been learning all about Autumn.
We painted Autumn trees.
We used lots of Autumn colours.

By Emma, Ciara, Kayla. (1st class Room9)

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Book Festival 2014

To celebrate Book Festival 2014 the illustrator Olivia Golden visited room 31 yesterday to do a workshop on illustrations.  Each person picked a character out of a cup (called ‘The Cup of Destiny’). We all had to think about and develop our character and their abilities.  We then had to write and draw a comic strip featuring our character.  Olivia showed us some of the tools she uses including pens, markers, ink, pencils, rubbers and even a toothbrush!  She also showed us some books that she had illustrated. The workshop was extremely fun, Thank you Olivia!

Jennifer and Emily.

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Healthy Eating Assembly

Room 31 were very busy last week as we held both a Junior and Senior assembly celebrating ‘Healthy Eating Week’.  Intelligent scientists showed us how much sugar is in some of our favourite treats.  The results were shocking! Eating too much sugar can lead to tooth decay as Sally told us in her story ‘Oh I wish I’d looked after my teeth’.  The food and drink items found at the top of the food pyramid contain very little nourishment.  They should only be eaten as a treat! We should all try and eat a balanced diet which means eating the correct amount of food from each of the food groups.

We really enjoyed our assembly and we hope that everyone in St. Mary’s continues making healthy choices for as the saying goes –   Is fearr an tsláinte ná an táinte!

Caoimhe and Julianne.












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