FRIENDS for Life

FRIENDS for Life is a program which is enjoyable for children. Room 26 is the first class to try it and we love it. It helps us to understand how to control our feelings, breathing, thoughts and it also helps us to find solutions to our problems. We’ve been learning how to change our red (negative) thoughts to green (positive) thoughts by asking ourselves yellow challenger questions. At the end of every lesson we do breathing techniques which we all really enjoy.

Today we talked about friendship qualities and support teams. A support team is a group of people you trust and who will always be there for you. We learned how valuable it is to have a strong support team, which we think are like the roots of a tree protecting it from stormy weather. We made a class forest by standing tall and supporting one another. We love FRIENDS for Life!!

By Kelci and Ellie, Room 26

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Great egg-citement in Room 9

We have been waiting patiently for our eggs to hatch. They have been in the incubator for 21 days and tomorrow is the big day! We watched the chicks pecking at the shells today. They are trying to get out! We can’t wait until they arrive…..we are so egg-cited!

Day 1- When the farmer delivered the eggs we carefully put them in the incubator to keep them warm.

Day 20 – We watched on the visualiser today while one of the chicks pecked through the egg shell!

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Room 2

Room 2 loves the school library.  They visit each Tuesday afternoon.

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Banna Ceoil – Waltons Music for Schools Competition

Congratulations to our Banna Ceoil on their entry to the Waltons Music for Schools Competition.

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Singing with Sr. Ena!

We have been having lots of fun with the Céilí Community this week in Room 9. We have been learning new songs with lots of actions and listening to lovely stories about God. We practised today in the classroom with Sr. Ena for the assembly on Thursday. We have a lovely catchy song to sing. Come and see us perform on Thursday at 1pm in the hall! 

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Spelling Bee 2015

On Wednesday February 18th the school round of The Eason’s Spelling Bee took place in the school hall. There were 40 pupils taking part- ten pupils from each room in 5th and 6th Class. After receiving many difficult spellings and spelling them all correctly, Molly Mc Kiernan from room 31, won the competition.

On Thursday the 12th of March, the County Meath final of The Spelling Bee took place in the school hall, with Molly representing the school. There were 41 pupils taking part in total. Molly got to four out of five rounds but unfortunately was knocked out. She received an Eason’s Spelling Bee dictionary and t- shirt, for getting so far in the competition. She did a wonderful job of representing the school and she thoroughly enjoyed the competition. Well done Molly!

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We need a hairdresser in Room 9!

We planted grass heads at school. We used soil and seeds and we planted them in pairs.








They needed lots of water, air and light to grow. Their hair grew a lot every day. I think they might need a haircut! Their hair is green for St Patrick’s day. :)

We also set up an experiment to see what happens if we take away one of the things that plants need to grow. We gave one plant no water, another plant no air and a third one no light. Watch this space to see what happened to them!

Happy St Patrick’s Day from all the grassheads and all the boys and girls in Room 9!

by Alex, Szymon, Rebecca, James

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Biodiversity Day

We really enjoyed Biodiversity Day, which was on Wednesday 11th February. We would like to thank Mrs Nally for organising fantastic guest speakers to come in and talk to us about many different aspects of biodiversity. In 5th class, we had visits from Aidan Gray, who spoke to us about coastal biodiversity, and from James Murray, who told us all about biodiversity on the River Boyne. We also loved dressing up as part of the biodiversity theme!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

There was lots of red and pink in the classroom for Valentine’s day on Friday.

In the afternoon we went to the PE hall for our skipathon. Some of the children were able to skip over 100 times without stopping! It was lots of fun!

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Catholic Schools Week 2015

It is Catholic Schools week  this week. We have been learning about how we should live like God wants us to live. We love one another. We are kind to each other. We share and we are honest.

We celebrated Grandparent’s Day on Wednesday. We made beautiful portraits of our nanas and grandads! They look fabulous! 


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