Rm 10 School Tour

On Friday 1st Class travelled to Newgrange Farm on school tour. We were blessed to have great weather and all the children had a great day. The children were thrilled to get to pet the animals and feed the lambs. The tractor ride around the farm went down a treat. It was a lovely way to end the school year and their last outing as a class group.

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Summer is almost here!

June has been a very busy month. We did some bird watching and we learned a lot about birds and their nests.

This month, we also had a FRIENDS for Life party. First, we went for a walk by the castle, and then we came back to the school and watched a movie and we ate green food. It was a green-themed party because as part of the FRIENDS programme, we learned about changing negative (red) thoughts to positive (green) thoughts.

We loved making ‘lava lamps’ in science. First, we put oil in a water bottle and then filled the rest of the bottle with water. We added some food colouring and then put in a vitamin C tablet to make lots of bubbles.

Some of us were also very busy this month preparing for the musical, Follow the Yellow Brick Road, and it was brilliant!

Last week was Be Active Week in our school. It was so much fun! We did circuits, golf, boxing, skipping, a whole-school dance and then on the last day, the whole school went on a big walk.

We have had a great year in 5th Class and we are really excited for the summer holidays!

By Eimear Daly (Room 26)


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Intercultural Week – 8th – 12th June

Please copy and paste the link below to see Room 14′s wonderful assembly.


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Sports Day!

We had so much fun at Sports Day today! We worked together with our teams to collect points throughout the day as we completed many different challenges. The overall winners were the yellow team, but everyone had a brilliant time and we’re all winners really! We loved doing Zumba in the yard at the end of the day… we’re all exhausted now!!!

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1st Class visit to Trim Castle

The children in Room 10 had a lovely afternoon in Trim Castle.
We had a guided tour around the inside of the castle and went all the way up to the roof for a spectacular view of Trim.
Back in class the children have been creating their own projects on Trim gathering information that they learned at the castle. The children created a map to navigate around Trim, a project on the history of the castle and art work of Trim castle.

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Room 10 Bird Watching

Room 10 spent a few weeks monitoring a variety of birds around the school. The children had great fun bird spotting and searching for birds around the school grounds.
The children also presented their information at their assembly which we hope you all enjoyed!!

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Our trip to Trim Castle

We went to Trim Castle to find out more about local history. (Nikole)

We learned that Hugh De Lacy built the beautiful castle in Trim. (Ciara)

We got a tour of the castle keep. The keep is a huge square building. It kept the people in the castle safe from attack. (Danny)

We went to the very top of the castle. I tried to  look for my house. I couldn’t  see it but I saw the church, Trim Castle Hotel and the River Boyne. (Kayla)

We drew maps about our journey to the castle and we are writing a report  about  all   that   we  learned  .    (Jesse)


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St. Mary’s Parents’ Association

Many thanks to all the parents for donations of buns, cupcakes, cakes and some lovely brown bread to our recent Bun Sale. Thanks for your ongoing generosity and support!

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Biodiversity at the Beach

On Thursday 14th May, the two fifth classes went on a trip to Bettystown beach to check out signs for biodiversity on the coast. We went with Aidan Gray from An Taisce and he told us the names of some of the shells that we found when we were there. We played lots of games but our favourite part of the day was the sand sculpture competition! Ms. Dineen, Ms. Coakley and Aidan were the judges and it was a very difficult decision to make! Check out the pictures of our wonderful designs!

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Bun Sale


The Parents Association are organising a Bun Sale in the school on Friday 1st May. This year our bakers will be 4th, 5th & 6th classes. We really appreciate all the beautiful buns and cakes the children make and we know they really enjoy buying them! The proceeds of this bun sale will go towards the 1st and 6th class graduations. Happy Baking!


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