St Mary’s Student Council-An Chomhairle Scoile

St Mary’s Student Council was first established in 2004 and its aim was to give students a greater voice in the decision-making process of our school.
Every September, representatives from First to Sixth class are elected by secret ballot and take a seat on the council for the duration of the academic year.
Nominees may canvass prior to the election. The newly elected Student Council members wear specially designed badges for easy identification.
The Student Council convenes once a fortnight, at lunchtime, and the council meetings are facilitated by the Principal, Mr O’Coigligh and class teacher,
Mrs O’Hare.

An Chomhairle Scoile has been instrumental in many of the positive changes that have taken place in our school since the council’s inception. Some of the
initiatives inspired by ideas from our students include the installation of solar panels in the school, an all-weather pitch, a school playground, changes to the
school uniform and the establishment of the school’s Homework Club Council members deliberate over many issues relevant to the school and
sometimes the students are offered opportunities to discuss new school policies and to propose changes to our current ones. Recently our Student Council
discussed appropriate and practical changes to the school’s Healthy Eating Policy when it came up for debate.

An Chomhairle Scoile members held meetings about St Mary’s Student Council Constitution and made suggestions for inclusion in this important document.
They also elected members for the roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  Student Council members were very proactive during the organisation of ‘Active
Schools’ Week’ and made recommendations to the Active Schools’ Committee to encourage greater pupil involvement in physical activity. They also collaborated
with our P.E. Coordinator and Active Schools’ Committee to teach pupils appropriate games for the school yard, during break times.
Every January, the Sixth-Class council members are on duty for the school’s Open Day and are always very proud to bring visitors on a guided tour of their
school. They are also available to ‘Meet and Greet’ guests for the First Holy Communion reception, in our School Hall, in May and for other special events
throughout the school year.

The council has also engaged in some fundraising events including a Dance-athon during Active Schools’ Week. All proceeds from these events go to
student-nominated charities. Participation in the Student Council is a very positive experience for the pupils involved.  Their contribution to our school is greatly appreciated and their legacy lives on into the future.

To quote Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and “The youth of today are the leaders of