Some More School Tour Pics!

The rain stayed away and we went on a firy walk and obstacle course through the woods. We also footed turf!

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Tour to Causey

We had a super day on Tuesday at Causey!

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Be Active Week 2017 – Day 2

Today was Day 2 of Be Active Week and what a busy day it turned out to be! We started off the day with our Daily 10@ 10 and Go Noodle. Other activities throughout the day included boxercise, outdoor and adventure activities, running around our track, fitness activities, basketball and fun in our Jungle Gym playground.

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Be Active 2017 – A Few Photos from Day 1

Be Active Week has started at St Mary’s and the scheduled activities vary from class to class throughout the week. Today, pupils were involved in a mixture of activities including the 10@10, Go Noodle Dances, swimming, orienteering, soccer, olympic handball and playground games! “Active Homework” is encouraged on these long evenings – why not try some running, a game of football with family or friends, some squats or star jumps….the list is endless and the health benefits are beyond words!


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Boyne Walk launches Be Active Week 2017

To launch our upcoming Be Active Week for 2017, we went for a whole-school walk in Trim on June 2nd. Boys, girls, the young and the not-so-young, pupils, teachers and SNAs headed off after morning break. We headed through the church grounds, past the castle, over the wooden footbridge, along the banks of the Boyne, up onto the ring road and along New Dublin Road (stopping for a photo opportunity with the donkeys) before heading back to school. By the time we reached our classrooms, it was time to eat lunch. Be Active Week begins in earnest on June 6th and we can’t wait!


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Mini-Rounders Tournament 2017

Today, eighteen teams from across County Meath gathered at the Trim GAA grounds for the annual mini-rounders tournament for girls. Mini-rounders is open to pupils in 3rd and 4th Classes. Each of the eighteen teams played two matches, with each match lasting four innings. The team from St Mary’s, under the guidance of their trainer Ms Conaty, faced Nobber National School in the first match and Skryne National School in the second. A mixture of  brilliant batting, rapid running and courageous catching led St Mary’s to victory in both matches. Well done girls!

Mini-Rounders Team 2017

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St Mary’s Rounders League 2017

The annual Rounders League has begun at St Mary’s. Six teams from within the school are taking part. Each team of twelve players comprises four pupils from 4th Class, four pupils from 5th Class and four pupils from 6th Class. All we need now is a spell of dry weather!


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First Holy Communion

We congratulate the girls in 2nd Class who received First Holy Communion on Saturday, May 13th, in St Patrick’s Church, Trim. The girls had been preparing for this special day since September. With guidance from Fr Declan Kelly and their teachers, Ms Roche and Mrs McGale, the girls have now taken another important step in their Faith Journey. As a school and parish community, we thank all who helped to make the day memorable for the children.



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Europe Day – May 9th

Image result for eu flag

Europe is a continent full of exciting places, people and cultures. That was one of the messages we learned during today’s visit to the EU Food and Veterinary Office at Grange, Kiltale. These offices are open fifteen years and to mark the occasions the staff decided to open its doors to primary school children in the locality. We were welcomed by friendly staff from different countries across the EU. They gave each of us a bag full of supplies including maps, booklets and information sheets. We had a “question and answer” session in the main conference room where the European Commission’s agricultural representatives from all across the EU meet to debate important issues from time to time. The perimeter of the room had about eight translation booths including French, German, Italian and Spanish. In another part of the building, we were divided into groups. We took part in activities identifying the benefits of the EU and how the EU ensures its citizens have access to food produced to the highest safety standards. We spent two hours at the offices and we enjoyed our time there.

By 6th Class pupils


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Blog of the Week – Room 16

Greet your child with a smile not a MOBILE!


The ‘Greet your child with a smile not a mobile’ logo has spread across the country and even in the U.K. It is encouraging parents everywhere to not be on their mobile phones when collecting their children from school. You have heard of mobile phones being banned from the classroom, now it’s the gates too and it’s their parents who are the culprits. This is especially for younger children who do not have experience yet with child-adult conversations. So are you on your mobile phone and are you feeling guilty after reading this article? Ask yourself the question, can you improve like I think you can?

Nikole Kehoe

3rd class Room16

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