Active Schools 2022-23

Active Schools Committee 2022-2023

The Active Schools committee was established in October 2022. The active
committee members are pupils from second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth
classes. The pupils are elected by their peers and represent their class for
the duration of the school year. Each member received a specially
designed badge for easy identification. The committee meets on a regular
basis in the PE hall at 12.50pm to discuss items on the agenda. These
meetings are led by Mrs O’Brien. Other staff members and the parent
representative are also present at all meetings.

The girls offer many practical suggestions to improve our fitness levels and
to make the yard break times more enjoyable for all. The role of the
committee is to encourage more pupil involvement in physical activity in our
school and for St Mary’s to become a healthier, more active environment.
Pupils are encouraged to recognise the lifelong health benefits of exercise
and the importance of maintaining fitness levels.

As we work towards the Active flag, we are focusing on the DANCE strand
and promoting fitness through dance within our school. We are also
participating in the monthly challenges set up by Active Schools. On the
last Friday of every month (#feelgoodfriday), photos of the challenges are
uploaded to the webpage and emailed to ASF head office and are included
in our flag application.

Spooky Walk – Halloween 2022

Easter Walk