The role of the Student Council is to provide opportunities for students to voice their opinions and offer suggestions in relation to many aspects of school life.  The council acts as a channel of communication within the school organisation, between pupils and between the home and school.  We believe that our students should play an active, positive role in the life of our school through their elected Student Council representatives.

This year, I had the privilege of working with a very enthusiastic group of twelve students on our Student Council committee.   We met every second Tuesday at 12.30 p.m. in the Boardroom to discuss items on the agenda.    We deliberated over many issues relevant to the school and the students were offered opportunities to discuss some school policies and suggest amendments to these.  The girls came up with lots of practical suggestions and ideas to enhance our school and to make it a more interesting and eco-friendly environment.  The Sixth Class council members were on call for the school’s Open Day on February 6th and were very proud to bring visitors on a guided tour of the school.  They were also available to ‘meet and greet’ guests at the official opening of our new extension on the 12th February. Student Council members were instrumental in getting two new clubs set up in our school – the Book Club and the Drama Club.  Requests were also made for athletics to be scheduled on a more regular basis and football to be organised for the younger boys and girls. Regular athletics training was organised during the year and athletics teams represented our school proudly on many occasions. To coincide with the World Cup, both soccer training and a soccer league were organised for First Classes and there were lots of eager participants.  We are very lucky that the teachers in our school kindly give of their free time to help develop children’s interest in reading, music, art, drama and sports and this is greatly appreciated by the Student Council.

Student Council members suggested having an annual ‘Book Character Dress-Up Day’ and this year, on Friday, June 13th, pupils and teachers from St Mary’s School brought books alive, with characters from all our favourite books including Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Matilda, Little Red Ridinghood, Goldilocks and Mulan.  It was a wonderful occasion and a great sight to behold!Our Student Council hold an annual Talent Show, open to pupils from Fourth to Sixth Classes.   This popular event takes place in June. We host a Junior Show in the morning and the senior classes are invited to the afternoon showing.   All proceeds go to pupil-nominated charities and this year ‘Volunteer Services Overseas’ and the ‘Jack and Jill Foundation’ were the nominated charities. The show was a great success and a considerable amount of money was raised for the two very worthy charities.

Lots of photographs were taken and articles written by the Sixth Class committee members about events that took place during the school year.  These were compiled for inclusion in the Sixth Class Yearbook, another initiative of the Student Council. The yearbook, a memento of their time in St. Mary’s, was available to purchase on their Graduation Night.

I do hope the student representatives enjoyed their time on St. Mary’s Student Council and gained valuable Insights and knowledge from the experience.  Perhaps some of these girls may be encouraged to represent their fellow students in their second level schools.  Who knows what the future will hold for these inspiring young ladies!

Go n-éiri libh go léir amach anseo!

Good luck in the future!

Mary O’Hare
Student Council Coordinator